Four Problems That Often Arise In High-Asset Divorces

"More money, more problems" is certainly true when it comes to divorce. When you and your spouse share significant assets, such as real estate, investment accounts or business assets, division of property is no simple task.

At our firm, we are familiar with the challenges that can occur during a high-asset divorce. Here are four situations that high net worth individuals often face during the divorce process — and how we can help you handle them.

Business Ownership

When you and your spouse own a business together, a divorce may mean breaking up a business in some way. We can help you through the process of business valuation to ensure that any business assets are divided fairly.

Complex Real Property Division

Your real estate holdings may extend far beyond the house you live in. Whether you own rental property, vacation property or commercial property, we can make sure all forms of real estate are properly valued and fairly divided during divorce.

Hidden Assets

When high-value property is at stake, there's a risk that your spouse may try to get away with hiding some assets that should be subject to division during divorce. We will engage in a thorough asset search, drawing on forensic accounting specialists if necessary, to help us make sure all marital property is on the table.

Complicated Parenting Situations

When one or both parents are high earners, parenting can be challenging. You or your spouse may travel frequently for work or live part time out of state or even out of the country. One or both of you may decide to move out of state after you separate. All of these factors will affect your parenting plan. We will work with you, along with your spouse and their lawyer, to develop a parenting arrangement that is realistic for everyone involved, while keeping your children's best interest at the center of the discussion.

Let's Solve Your Problems Together

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